The Institute of Queer Ecology in dialogue with Joseph Beuys
23 June 2024–5 January 2025

With this exhibition, Museum Schloss Moyland is taking up what is undoubtedly the most existential debate of our time: in view of the climate crisis, the international network "The Institute of Queer Ecology" (IQECO) has been invited to enter into a dialog with Joseph Beuys' most relevant works on ecology and the environment.

Both Beuys and IQECO regard art as a realm for intellectual exploration, serving as a platform to envision progressive socio-political futures and confront the challenges posed by climate change. Beuys, a co-founder of the German “Green Party" in 1979, stood as an advocate for nature and climate protection from its earliest moments. Half a century later, IQECO disrupts established norms with revolutionary and inspiring approaches toward a more equitable and sustainable ecology, based on queer theory.

The IQECO advocates for the elimination of judgmental and binary thinking, promoting the acceptance of a more diversified reality of life. Outdated dualities such as natural versus unnatural, or human versus non-human, undergo deconstruction. In alignment with Beuys' perspective, the IQECO posits that a societal paradigm shift is foundational for an enhanced and sustainable approach to our environment. Committed to fostering an inclusive, tolerant, mindful, and diverse ecology, the IQECO rejects exclusion and simplification in favor of inclusion and complexity.

Curated by Judith Waldmann