Willy Maywald

The artists at home – Les artistes chez eux

1 August 2024–2 February 2025

The exhibition Willy Maywald. The artists at home – Les artistes chez eux delves into the fascinating work of the renowned fashion photographer Willy Maywald. The Museum Schloss Moyland collection includes 63 photographs by Willy Maywald, which the van der Grinten brothers acquired from 1960 onwards. Maywald was born in Kleve in 1907 and grew up in the famous Hotel Maywald, which his family owned in Kleve. He was a famous fashion photographer in Paris and worked for magazines such as Vogue and fashion icons such as Christian Dior and Jacques Fath. In the French metropolis, Maywald gained access to influential artists such as Pablo Picasso, Georges Braque, Fernand Léger and Juliette Greco, whom he captured in impressive portraits.

The exhibition offers an insight into the photographer's world of thought and visitors can get to know the artists portrayed in a personal, very individual way. The WDR production Elegance of the Eye - The Photographer Willy Maywald by director Annette von Wangenheim will also be shown there. The film takes an impressive look at Maywald's life and incorporates impressions from his companions. 

In addition to Willy Maywald's photographs, which are in the collection of the Museum Schloss Moyland Foundation, the exhibition also features works on loan from the Museum Kurhaus Kleve. The collection of the Museum Kurhaus Kleve contains over 350 photographs, many of which show places on the Lower Rhine, in particular Kleve and the surrounding area, as well as numerous portraits of actors and artists. The works can be viewed online in digital form.

Curated by Momo Giesen