Society of Friends

Annual museum editions

This year's annual gift comes from the artist Martin Lersch, born in Mönchengladbach in 1954. In addition to his work as a draughtsman, illustrator and painter, the artist is also involved in stage design and music performance. For Lersch, painting is happiness and this can also be seen in his works. A series of paintings with oil paints on paper emerged from this idea as early as 2013. His painting motifs are mainly cut-outs from printed originals of paintings of the world.

Martin Lersch painted the series of pictures "PROPYLÄEN MOYLAND" especially for the Society of Friends Museum Schloss Moyland e.V.. The series consists of 12 small-format paintings. Each picture is unique, painted with oil paint, partly graphite, on book covers. The format of the paintings is 28 x 19.5 cm. With the series "PROPYLÄEN MOYLAND" the artist also wants to express that painting is happiness. The templates for the motifs came from a printed work on the collection of Hans and Franz Joseph van der Grinten. "Thus I have painted in a dozen pictures almost 50 years of collecting, in modest extracts, after illustrations of the most diverse works, which I have created in different styles" (quote from the artist). The title "PROPYLÄEN MOYLAND" is derived from the words like being collected, smorgasbord, accumulation, passion.

The price is € 480.00, members of the Society of Friends receive a work at the preferential price of € 400.00. Each painting is a unique signed work by the artist.

Since 1992, the Society of Friends Museum Schloss Moyland e. V. has been publishing annual gifts exclusively for its members. These are prints and small sculptural works. As a rule, they come from artists who have works in the museum collection or who are/were involved in special exhibitions.


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