Long Thursday

On Long Thursday, every 3rd Thursday of the month, visitors can experience the museum in a different way: The castle becomes a stage for music, art and dialogue. Friends, acquaintances and colleagues meet here in a relaxed atmosphere for a changing programme of artistic specials: music, talks with artists, guided tours, readings, performances and much more.

The Bar Mezzogiorno (installation by Florian Hüttner and Daniel Maier-Reimer in the Turmkabinett) is open and a free drink is included.

Admission is free on Long Thursday.

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Bar Mezzogiorno

The Bar Mezzogiorno is an art installation by Florian Hüttner and Daniel Maier-Reimer that has been enriching everyday museum life in the North Tower Cabinet of Museum Schloss Moyland since August 2022. It is a popular meeting point for events: As part of exhibition openings or on Long Thursday, the museum invites its guests to the bar to talk about art and socialise - including its own Moyland Mule cocktail.

Daniel Maier-Reimer's Apennine Journey, presented by Florian Hüttner - Bar Mezzogiorno

Daniel Maier-Reimer's art is travelling. Each journey is summarised in a single photo, some in a small group of pictures. The artist usually leaves it up to others to determine how his travels and photos appear in exhibitions and publications. In 2017, Daniel Maier-Reimer followed the Apennine mountain range in Italy. Museum Schloss Moyland is showing this journey in Florian Hüttner's Bar Mezzogiorno. With the bar, Florian Hüttner directs the view from a Central European perspective "towards midday" (ital. a mezzogiorno) – the direction and sphere to which the journey had also led. He painted the counter with a picture of the south par excellence, with a view of the Gulf of Naples (which, however, lies away from the Apennines), and in this painting he added illuminated niches for whisky, champagne, brandy and herbal liqueur. On the shelf above the counter, he placed a picture of a strangely prancing raven and, between numerous spirits, Daniel Maier-Reimer's framed photo of the journey, the view into a forest shrouded in mist.

Event location

Looking for an extraordinary location for your own event? We provide you with various spaces, with or without catering, also outside the regular museum opening hours.

Inside the castle and the museum café, we offer spaces for groups between 25 and 200 people. In the summer, you can book the outdoor café terrace, as well as the circular carriage drive in front of the castle. Contact us to discuss your individual arrangements.


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